Frequently Asked Questions

Do you need any tools to install PeacePoti?

No, the installation requires no tools.

Why is the PeacePoti designed black and white? Are there any colored options yet?

The choice of colors is due to the fact that we want to create the highest possible contrast so that the settings can also be seen on a stage. Anyway – there will follow some special editions in different colors.

Which types of pedals are compatible?

PeacePoti works with split shaft, solid shaft and semi-solid shaft potentiometer types. If you are not sure, whether it fits your pedal, please don’t hesitate to contact us / send a photo of the potentiometer to

Does it work on synths, amps and instruments too?

The current version is designed to fit a wide range of effect pedals. Some types of guitars can also be equipped with the current edition. We are planning designs that are dedicated to amps and synths.

Which countries do you ship to?

We ship worldwide!

Will I have to pay for shipping and importing?

Shipping will be charged separately. All orders above 60,00 € have FREE shipping. VAT is included within the EU. VAT and import taxes are not included for costumers outside EU. We will ship from Austria.